Threat scenarios

Military personnel deployed in post-conflict peacekeeping and peace enforcement missions face symmetric and asymmetric threats comparable to those found in low-intensity combat operations, as do humanitarian aid workers and civilian contractors:

Symmetric threats

The ballistic threat

  • Kinetic energy (KE) projectiles
  • High explosive (HE) projectiles
  • Shaped charge rounds

The landmine threat

  • Antitank mines
  • Anti-personnel mines
  • Explosively formed projectile mines

Asymmetric threats

Improvised explosive devices, often known simply as IEDs, have emerged as the principle asymmetric threat, and the weapon of choice for insurgents and terrorists, who regularly use them to ambush civilian, military and law enforcement targets.


  • Blast
  • Fragmentation
  • Single and multiple charges
  • Electrically or manually detonated

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