Testing centres

As part of the Rheinmetall Defence Group, Rheinmetall Chempro has at its disposal the corporation's testing centres at Unterluess in Lower Saxony and Ochsenboden in Switzerland, two of Europe's largest private-sector proving grounds. Here, extensive testing and trials of systems and components take place as well as defence technology testing during every phase of the product development process.

Tests conducted by Rheinmetall Chempro

  • Ballistic and mine tests
  • Ergonomic tests
  • Signature tests
  • Climate tests
  • Driving tests

The Unterluess Testing Centre

Featuring a 50-square kilometre proving ground, the Unterluess Testing Centre is the largest private-sector facility of its kind in the Federal Republic of Germany. Core activities include investigation and evaluation of key technical data as well performance limits, and testing for functionality, reliability, operating safety and maintainability.

A wide range of qualified, superbly equipped laboratories and other technical facilities is available for conducting these activities.

  • Proving ground (15 km x 5 km, ranges up to 25 km)
  • Explosives testing site
  • Blast chambers
  • Multiple firing ranges with various configurations
  • Enclose firing channels
  • Measuring technology
  • Temperature trials facility
  • Vibration testing facility
  • Materials testing
  • Testing equipment calibration
  • Testing of hazardous goods packaging

Ochsenboden Testing Centre

Located 60 km from Zurich, the Ochsenboden Testing Centre's primary purpose is to conduct comprehensive testing of weapons, ammunition and other military systems. Its facilities are all equipped with state-of-the-art measuring and testing technology. Highly qualified personnel ensure competent, extremely efficient testing procedures and processes.

  • Firing ranges and ammunition test beds
  • Missile test beds
  • Explosives testing sites
  • Environmental simulation test facilities
  • Chemical and technical laboratories

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