Ballistic protection

AMAP-B offers ballistic protection against conventional ammunition of various calibres. Depending on the desired protection array, it conforms to STANAG levels 1-4, or STANAG level 5 in combination with base armour. AMAP-B has been certified accordingly.

The high protection factor of all Rheinmetall Chempro products results from the combination of various materials, e.g. steel armour and ceramic composite products, which deliver excellent survivability as well as reduced weight. Particularly when developing new generations of vehicles, the savings in weight opens up numerous possibilities. But this technology also offers clear advantages when upgrading the combat performance of legacy systems.

AMAP-B can withstand multiple hits; if damaged, it can be quickly repaired on the spot using standard tools.

Main features

  • Ballistic protection against all types of projectiles (KE rounds, rockets, etc.)
  • Composites offer reduced weight with optimum protection (STANAG levels 1-5)
  • Withstands multiple hits
  • Repair of damaged models is possible under field conditions within a matter of hours

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