Fighting compartment protection – Liner systems

AMAP-L absorbs various energies, thus providing added protection to the fighting compartment.

A specially developed high-tech liner is fitted to the interior of the vehicle, where it forms the final structural element of various protective modules. Serving as a last defensive layer, the AMAP-L redirects energies that have penetrated the vehicle's outer protective modules. These energies can include primary and secondary fragments, the shock wave, a fireball and/or acoustic pressure.

The material composition and thickness of the liner depends on the required level of protection and the structure of the vehicle. AMAP-L can be easily and inexpensively retrofitted, making it a highly efficient system for extending the service life and survivability of legacy vehicles.

Main features of Rheinmetall Chempro liner technology

  • Improved protection of existing basic structure
  • Protection against fireballs
  • Protection from blast waves
  • Protection from secondary fragments
  • Reduction from acoustic pressure
  • If a hit penetrates the interior, 70% reduction in the fragmentation cone

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