Mine protection

It does not matter whether the task at hand is a UN peacekeeping operation, a combat mission or a humanitarian relief effort: vehicles deployed in dangerous places today require protection from landmines. Even in regions that are considered to be peaceful or pacified, the latent threat from these weapons is omnipresent.

Rheinmetall Chempro has successfully demonstrated the effectiveness and reliability of its AMAP-M mine protection technology in numerous new vehicles and retrofit programmes. Thus far, the company has equipped and retrofitted more than 1,200 vehicles with this protection system.

After action reports from users make it clear the Rheinmetal Chempro systems offer significantly better protection than conventional mine protection products, even in overmatch situations.

Improved mine protection thanks to:

  • Advanced materials
    • Combination of steel, ceramics, fibres and other materials
    • optimum energy distribution

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies
    • extremely low tolerances in the production process guarantee near 100% coverage of the protected surface

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