Multi purpose seat

AMAP-MPS is a development to counter the increasing threat scenarios of crew members inside their vehicles during mine and IED incidents. It is an integral part of the AMAP mine protection systems for land based vehicles.

The multi purpose seating system can be integrated either into new or in service vehicles as a retrofit system. It has proven extremely effective, both in tracked and wheeled vehicles.The system is ceiling mounted, therefore acceleration forces decrease significantly on impact, hence mitigating the forces. Further damping elements are also mounted onto side or rear wall to further mitigate these forces into the seat. As the floor acceleration and floor bulging is recognised, special attention was given to the foot rest system.

Restraining seat belts (4 points) that prevent crew members from receiving head injuries through acceleration are mandatory. Headrests to protect the spine and neck prevent the head from being jerked backwards.

The AMAP-MPS been successfully tested in accordance to STANAG 4569,
levels 3a–3b and 4.

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